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Are you ready to amaze your friends and customers with the joy of flying? Our development led to a tandem wing focused on both the pilot and the passenger. We know the pilot needs a stress-free, tamed, performant working horse to ease those numerous flights. The Bishop is the answer to a commercial pilot that needs a tool that responds to any conditions in the best possible way at any given time. Be it a big day in the Alps or a glide-down flight in the calmest conditions. The Bishop provides!

After the upmost reliable take-off, it will prove a stable, smooth ride for the passenger, yet, it won’t shy when you’ll need to turn tight for the best lifting core. With stable ears, you can shorten it up if the hype gets too big, and you will land it all with a reliable and safe flare.

It’s great to share the joy of flying; it is even better when it’s done safely and stress-free. The Bishop takes care of this.


I’ve taken this project with great enthusiasm as it demanded an entirely new focus on the design of the wing. I did countless take-offs, adapting the wings’ behavior to behave the same in all conditions. My goal was for the pilot to feel assured at any given point, from the take-off to the last flare. I believe the Bishop checks out all the points and should provide the pilot and the passenger with an easy yet playful experience when such flying is needed.

Aljaž Valič


The Bishop is intended for commercial tandem pilots who need a sturdy wing for countless flights in any given condition. It’s designed to provide the pilot with the easy handling of the wing from the take-off to the landing. The Bishop is a reasonably easy wing to fly, yet it demands a pilot capable of flying a B-class wing. And when we speak about who it is for, we may tell you that in terms of passengers, it is for anyone.


Internal construction is the soul of the glider. We devote long hours and testing to accommodate the correct load distribution span and chord-wise. The Bishop translates this into a coherent canopy that leaves the pilot with no surprises in any given flying condition. It’s made with Skytex 40 hard to ensure the longevity of the wing.



Our solution is to employ several distinct diagonal ribs, each shaped and cut precisely for the loads it is subjected to in flight. This extra effort translates into better load distribution and fewer wrinkles, and it also increases canopy integrity in turbulence to benefit real-life performance.



ManufacturerTriple Seven
Glider NameBishop
Min Weight (kg)120
Max Weight (kg)225
Single Surface-
Number of Cells55
Glider Weight (kg)8.30
Projected Area (m2)35.00
Flat Area (m2)41.40
Projected Span (m)11.47
Flat Span (m)14.80
Projected Aspect Ratio3.70
Flat Aspect Ratio5.30

Triple Seven Bishop

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