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The world of Hike&Fly is expanding the boundaries of what paragliding is, and whom it is for. At Triple Seven we believe that this is a great thing, and we wish to make the ultimate mountain freedom available to even more people; by making our lightweight gliders super accessible, and also by introducing the D-light, an easy EN A wing made light (the S size weighs just 2.7kgs!!).


“The new D-light inherits a lot of technology from its higher-rated brothers and sisters, meaning that even though it is an EN A wing, it is also a modern and advanced paraglider, capable of carrying its pilot on all sorts of exciting adventures. We primarily designed it for the lightweight-oriented beginner, but it is perfectly capable of much more than an evening fly-down from some Alpine peak. A lot of our time went into the riser design; the new risers are not only light but also easier to use and handle that the typical lightweight Dyneema risers; with their flat, traditional look the new ones will feel more familiar to pilots worldwide. We were able to reduce the weight by 50% compared to “normal” risers, while retaining full strength. All in all I believe this is a new step in paraglider design, one that should appeal to the alpinist-come-pilots out there.”


The D-light is a hike&fly wing for beginners and pilots looking for a very safe, stable wing to take on their big mountain trips. But it is also suitable for safety-oriented pilots who have a long walk between the parking and the launch site, and are unwilling to carry any excess weight on their backs.


M, S

Minimum Weight (kg)6080
Maximum Weight (kg)85105
Glider Weight (kg)2.703.20
Number of Cells2929
Projected Area (m^2)20.1023.20
Flat Area (m^2)24.0027.10
Projected Span (m)7.858.39
Flat Span (m)10.2711.04
Projected Aspect Ratio3.063.06
Flat Aspect Ratio4.404.40
Root Chord (m)0.000.00

Triple Seven D-Light


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