Easy on your mind – and on your back

If you’re a follower of all things Triple Seven, the K-light 2 will hardly come as a surprise to you – after all, most of our new wings have been followed by a lightweight version in recent years. The new K-light 2 fits like a glove in both our glider range and very many pilots’ backpacks, and just like its slightly heavier brother it will take very good care of its pilots in the air. It was designed to be the obvious “next step” for ambitious newcomers to our sport and to be the right choice for pilots straight out of school as well as seasoned weekend warriors. It does everything that the Knight 2 does, only with even less stress on your joints and back, and it does it in effortless style. To keep things simple we have opted to keep the standard risers on the K-light 2 – in this pilot segment, simplicity trumps the few extra grams that the standard risers add, and we are certain that K-light 2 pilots will appreciate the opportunity to learn B-C steering on a very forgiving wing, regardless of the kind of flying adventures they choose to engage in.

Designer’s notes

“The K-light 2 is the lightweight version of our new entry-level EN B wing, the Knight 2. It shares most characteristics with the sturdier older brother, but as usual with these lighter models it does have a slightly more playful feel to it; the launch is possibly a trifle lighter, the feel in thermals a little livelier etc. It preserves the very high level of passive safety that characterises the Knight 2, and during testing we did get the impression that it was slightly less dynamic in asymmetric collapses, probably due to the lower canopy mass. Other than that the main difference is surely weight and volume – something that is felt before and after the flight, and not really while in the air. I’m very pleased with how the wing turned out; easily recognisable as an even more sophisticated version of the Knight 2!”

Aljaz Valic, Designer

Who is it for?

As with the Knight 2, the K-light 2 is well suited to be a pilot’s first wing straight out of school – only this one is for those of you who envision a self-propelled approach to the sport. It is super friendly on your back, weighing just XXkgs in the MS size, but once airborne it as quite as capable of taking you on ambitious cross-country endeavours as the Knight 2. This makes it the perfect choice for ambitious newcomers looking to engage in paragliding adventures where hiking is part of the fun. Its low volume and weight makes it a great companion for frequent travellers, and there’s plenty of oomph to go around for the more experienced pilot to enjoy. Oh and if you’re worried about longevity, don’t be – the new wing is built using tried-and-tested Porcher 27g/m double-coated cloth!


L, ML, MS, S, XS

ManufacturerTriple SevenTriple SevenTriple SevenTriple SevenTriple Seven
Glider NameK-Light 2K-Light 2K-Light 2K-Light 2K-Light 2
Min Weight (kg)60708090100
Max Weight (kg)738595105119
Single Surface-----
Number of Cells5454545454
Glider Weight (kg)3.403.604.004.004.20
Projected Area (m2)18.6020.3022.4023.9025.10
Flat Area (m2)22.0024.1026.5028.2029.70
Projected Span (m)8.208.809.309.809.80
Flat Span (m)10.4011.2011.7012.4012.40
Projected Aspect Ratio4.
Flat Aspect Ratio5.

Triple Seven K-Light 2

Product Attributes

Lightweight / Hike & Fly

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