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Safe and relaxed from school to cloud base. The new Pawn Evo is developed for maximum safety and flying ease. As such, this glider is ideal for beginner pilots just starting the game of paragliding adventures. With the long count of the latest technologies incorporated in this new wing, the Pawn Evo stands for a wing, that the student will use for a more extended period. The performance matching the latest low B wings will make these pilots crunch their first XC kilometers with ease and safety of the A-class.


“My design goal with Pawn Evo was to make well-balanced school glider with nice takeoff behavior, easy landing, and easy flying characteristics. During the design and development process, we procured feedback from local schools and paragliding instructors, to discuss and improve the glider. Early in the design process, we decided to introduce our BPI (Back Position Intake) technology in this A-class glider, to enhance pilot comfort and safety. The Pawn Evo has a nice clean canopy shape with an aspect ratio somewhere in the middle of its class. The internal construction features diagonal ribs for line consumption reduction and mini-ribs for a clean trailing edge. The entire wing is optimized for maximum tenacity and durability; important during the school training.” Urban Valič


The Pawn is an EN-A, LTF-A class glider designed for schools, beginners and intermediate pilots. This glider is developed for maximum passive safety in the air. Our focus with this glider was also on the XC capabilities, and we believe that pilots will have great fun during their first steps in paragliding, and their progression towards becoming the next XC masters.

The Pawn has also passed a paramotor certification “class one”. We believe this makes the Pawn a safe choice with good performance for paramotor pilots.


L, M, S

Minimum Weight (kg)6580100
Maximum Weight (kg)80100125
Glider Weight (kg)4.405.205.70
Number of Cells404040
Projected Area (m^2)20.1022.9025.60
Flat Area (m^2)23.8027.1030.20
Projected Span (m)8.609.209.70
Flat Span (m)10.9011.6012.30
Projected Aspect Ratio3.703.703.70
Flat Aspect Ratio5.005.005.00
Root Chord (m)

Triple Seven Pawn EVO


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