The ETERNITY is a middle A glider with optimized performance weight. The light wing is offering an enormous safety cushion with a sportive handling. That turns him into a perfect all-round talent for every adventure. Not only beginners will enjoy the ETERNITY – the mistake forgiving behavior will definitely bring sustainable flight fun for ambitioned XC pilots and alpinists as well.

The new LTF A class wing was designed under the hard criteria of uncompromising passive safety and still the exact handling should not be cut short. Therefore the ETERNITY offers an easy start for students when first flying high, as well as extended fun moments for experienced pilots. The ETERNITY transforms control pulses precisely and combines A class appropriate tolerance with dynamics. The sweet-tempered flying behavior is encouraged through the light weight of the canopy among other things. The reactions are therefore subdued accordingly. The markedly outstanding glide- and rise ability is especially coming into effect in weak thermal lift and efficiently turns that into height. During the development especially much attention was paid to an easy start behavior. Through a multitude of constructive optimizations these were perfected. Particularly in difficult conditions the ETERNITY simplifies the start to every pilot. The light canopy rises reliably, even at zero wind with little effort required, over the pilot. Additionally the exceptional slow flight features of the wing are causing a low take off speed and much control time during the start.

The ETERNITY offers safety with optimized performance weight. It is not only aimed at beginners, who want to start with small pack size and little weight, but the modern wing also guarantees sustainable fun for ambitioned pilots. The size XL additionally has the tandem certification and therefore offers a light alternative for the double flight fun with matchless direct handling.

The ETERNITY is available in 3 attractive color combinations and in six LTF A certified sizes from XS (60-80 kgs) up to XL (120-150 kg / with tandem certification).

The ETERNITY is based on the newest knowledge of the flow simulation. Chief designer Ernst Strobl developed a wing profile that combines a high tolerance spectrum with glide features full of buoyancy. Elaborate calculations of the High Pressure Crossport Design (DPCD) are not only providing the weight reduction but are also maximizing the transverse aeration of the cross ports. How efficiently this system works, is already manifested while the glider is rising. It provides a very fast pressure build up and gives the wing a balanced internal pressure during the flight. The 3D shaping and the optimized pre-tensioning of the wing as well as the Precision Profile Nose System (PPN) are enabling the perfect flow around the profile. Mini-ribs and the Brake Gathering System (BGS) are helping the profile to more form fidelity at the rear end and precisely transfer the control pulses to the wing. A very overseeable line concept with few main lines is providing an easy handling and a good overview during ground handling. The risers are equipped with the Pilot Assistant (PAS) where besides the color coding, icons are offering a better orientation on the line levels.


L, M, S, SM, XL, XS

Glider NameEternityEternityEternityEternityEternityEternity
Min Weight (kg)55608085100120
Max Weight (kg)708595105120140
Single Surface------
Number of Cells363636363636
Glider Weight (kg)3.453.753.954.254.554.85
Projected Area (m2)19.1221.2023.6924.9426.1829.51
Flat Area (m2)23.0025.5028.5030.0031.5035.00
Projected Span (m)8.278.719.219.459.6810.28
Flat Span (m)10.7211.2911.9412.2512.5513.32
Projected Aspect Ratio3.583.583.583.583.583.58
Flat Aspect Ratio5.

U-Turn Eternity

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