The end of bored children of pilots – The KIDROCK is the ultimate tool for the real game without a gaming console. With that U-Turn offers now a mini wing for the youngest pilot generation where the balance of power is right. Flight enthusiastic parents get the perfect possibility to lead their little ones to the professional pilot-craft. The ground-trainer offers limitless opportunities for play-time with addictive potential for ambitioned young pilots, that is second to none of their grown-up role models. Based on the safety concept Emotion3, the Kidrock with 12m² was trimmed specially to the needs of children. Let the next generation rock!

Kids learn playfully and fast. But often it lacks in correct equipment to experience the flying enthusiasm first hand. First playful experiences are often made with over dimensional cloths or speedgliders. That inherites the danger that the lightweights are getting dragged over the field in an unpleasant way – so founding member of U-Turn Thomas Vosseler. The visionary quickly realized that the pilots of tomorrow need their own concept. Thereby the safety should be kept high and the strain low. The KIDROCK is based on the Emotion3, and the parameters were specifically calculated down to children‘s dimensions. The experience shows that kids fall in love quickly with their toy and only let go of it reluctantly when they have to. But the fully functioning mini wing KIDROCK also offers high fun factory for Mum and Dad in laminar wind situations or stronger conditions.

The Miniwing is part of the indispensable vacation equipment for the extra portion of fun during the family vacation. Especially in the laminar sea wind  the fully functioning ground trainer offers endless playful fun for big and small. But also for flying schools the children‘s wing offers the possibility to extend the courses for flight ambitioned families. The feedback from the first KIDROCK-Camp in China was overwhelming!

Chief designer and father of a family Ernst Strobl trusts in the successful concept of Emotion 3 during the development of the KIDROCK. The safety class 2 base of construction proves its uniquely sweet-tempered features even in the demanding mini size. Especially in these minimalistic areas the true character of a wing concept is vindicated. Strobl packs all of the technical features in the childrens wing. Even a 3D-Shaping and Precision Profile Nose (PPN) are used in the Groundtrainer and give the opening area a dynamic tension. But that‘s not enough – at the rear end of the canopy, miniribs provide the wing wich perfect profile fidelity.



Glider NameKidrock
Min Weight (kg)35
Max Weight (kg)50
Single Surface-
Number of Cells36
Glider Weight (kg)2.40
Projected Area (m2)9.92
Flat Area (m2)12.00
Projected Span (m)5.93
Flat Span (m)7.74
Projected Aspect Ratio3.55
Flat Aspect Ratio5.00

U-Turn Kidrock

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