The VISION is a superlative high-performance intermediate wing. At the upper limit of the B-class this superb glider offers a new level of performance-oriented fun factor. With an unmet glide performance of 11.6 the B-class wing enables epic cross country adventures with guaranteed success. So you can follow your vision as far as your curiosity takes you. The VISION combines high speeds and sportive handling with damped reactions in extreme flight situations. U-Turn views innovative thinking as a must – so the demand towards the development was in maintaining the class appropriate safety and the simultaneous bursting through the performance limit.

The VISION sets new standards in the performance oriented B-class. The xc-wing conveys a precise feeling in the air and thereby offers direct feedback. The compact wing cuts through active air mass with goal oriented smooth operation and stays calm in demanding conditions. It also delivers efficient ascent even during flat turning. Thereby the progression in the brake area runs linear. The VISION is a statement – Ernst Strobl is carrying the Name VISION in the back of his head for a long time, it used to be his most successful glider. So it is no coincidence that for his 30 year long service anniversary as paraglider designer the time has come for a wing concept which fulfills the continuation of the success story. With the new glider Strobl packs his concentrated development- and pilot know how in the performance wing and carries VISION into the future.

Ernst Strobl gives the sportive wing the handling-strong characteristics and optimizes the brake attachment points with minribs (MRB) and the Brake Gathering System (BGS). The sharknose gives the fast glider the stability at high speeds. The 3D-shaping (3DS) in combination with the Precision Profile Nose (PPN) optimizes the profile tension in the nose area. Wing pre-tensioning and the ballooning help the profile, through elaborate calculations, to perfect air flow around the profile. The High Pressure Crossport Design (HPCD) optimizes the lateral aeration of the crossports and provides a balanced internal pressure of the canopy. The line setup is kept very straightforward with only three covered main lines. The newest generation PPSLS lines are used in the wing, these lines have extremely high braking loads at minimal line diameter and thereby also minimize the performance resistance.


L, M, S, XS

Glider NameVisionVisionVisionVision
Min Weight (kg)658093105
Max Weight (kg)8597110125
Single Surface----
Number of Cells61616161
Glider Weight (kg)4.404.604.855.20
Projected Area (m2)19.5721.2722.9724.67
Flat Area (m2)22.9724.9726.9728.97
Projected Span (m)9.459.8510.2410.61
Flat Span (m)11.7412.2412.7213.18
Projected Aspect Ratio4.574.574.574.57
Flat Aspect Ratio6.

U-Turn Vision

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