While constructing the new Ascent 4 our team focused on the thought, that flying should be great fun. Only pilots who feel save while flying will experience long-term pleasure.
The Ascent4 combines the high level of security of a typical EN-A glider with a good portion of fun to let the pilot thrive on safety and comfort.
Due to the nice handling and the well-balanced combination of performance and agility, the Ascent 4 is not only a beginner glider but also the right partner for experienced, safety driven pilots.

  • The reduced weight of the glider makes for easy carrying and less inertia overhead.
  • Launching the Ascent4 with beginner skills, the glider wants to come up cleanly and evenly overhead.
  • New generation airfoil (NGA), Mini Ribs, Air intake pockets (AIP) as well as 3D shaping, help to optimize the airstream and therefore result in a more stable and performance-enhancing style of flying.
  • Reduced Lineset make pre-flight line checks easier and decrease drag, allowing for more performance.
  • Labels on risers aid the pilot during instruction and stressful situations
  • Five different glider sizes, from 50 to 130 kg, help ensure the ideal relationship between pilot weight and glider size.
  • Swept-back wingtips – improved handling, better climbing
  • Brake Tensioning System: Trailing edge tension is good for handling and safety, but influences performance negatively. With BTS the tension is only there when you need it
  • Exchangeable Front Section Support system (FSS) Nylon battens in the leading edge – a lifetime of perfect leading edge shape


The first glider in a pilot’s life might be his most important one. On the one hand it shouldn’t be absorbing too much because it should be fun to fly and on the other hand it shouldn’t be too agile to maintain security. While designing the Ascent 4, our main task was to develop a glider that combines both, security and the fun factor.
The Ascent 4 includes the latest Technologies as well as the implementation of intelligent materials. Optimized modern fabric gives the Ascent 4 a low weight, leading to less aggressive behavior during launch and extreme flight maneuvers. Flying calm morning air, or strong thermal conditions the Ascent4 inspires confidence with its calm and easy-handling flight characteristics. Additionally, the glider has good performance, turns as desired in thermals and gives the pilot easy to understand, usable feedback. High quality, tough materials will make the Ascent4 a durable, fun companion for your beginning in the sport and for many flying adventures in your future.
The Ascent4 is available in five different sizes, between 50 and 130 kilogram as well as three serial color shames.
Included in the delivery: Ergonomic Backpack, glider bag in M size, compression strap, UP gift, Skytex repair patches.

L, M, S, SM, XS

Technical Data

Glider NameAscent 4Ascent 4Ascent 4Ascent 4Ascent 4
Min Weight (kg)5060708095
Max Weight (kg)708095110130
Single Surface-----
Number of Cells3434343434
Glider Weight (kg)3.904.204.404.805.10
Projected Area (m2)18.3020.3022.2024.0025.60
Flat Area (m2)21.0023.3025.5027.6029.40
Projected Span (m)7.878.308.689.029.31
Flat Span (m)10.1010.6011.1011.5011.90
Projected Aspect Ratio3.393.393.393.393.39
Flat Aspect Ratio4.804.804.804.804.80

UP Ascent 4

Product Attributes

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