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The Lhotse² is the second generation of our very successful EN-B wing in lightweight construction. It is based on the Kibo² and thanks to its light weight construction, it is the perfect companion for all H&F, bivouac, and travel adventures. The Lhotse² will amaze you in flight with its appealing, beautiful, precise handling and maneuverability. Additionally, the excellent climbing and performance will tempt you to fly more cross country. The lightweight design will impress you even more when you carry it on your shoulders.

What’s new?

As with the Kibo², the Lhotse² has many new technical features. The negative 3D panel shaping invented by our designer Franta Pavlousek gives our light mid-B a clean leading edge. Using technology already proven successful with our 2-line models, we have improved the performance within the B class. To achieve this, the number of cells have been increased and the rods in the leading edge are slightly longer. Like all of the latest UP glider models, the seams of the mini ribs are hidden on the Lhotse². Compared to its predecessor, we were able to reduce the weight of our new lightweight glider between 100-200 grams. The Lhotse² will now be available in a fourth size for the lightweights among the glider pilots.

Who is the Lhotse² for?

Whether it is an everyday glider or a light secondary glider, the Lhotse² is a feel-good wing that will put a smile on every pilot’s face. The high-quality materials are intended for regular use. Thanks to the elaborate construction of the wing and its interior, it is ideally suited for a wide range of flying activities, from local mountain and thermal flying, to cross-country flying, or for expeditions. It is suitable for pilots wanting to step up from the A or low B class as well as for safety-conscious pleasure pilots and adventurers.

How does it fly?

Compared to its predecessor, the Lhotse² is even easier to fly. It starts reliably even in demanding conditions in unknown terrain. In the air, it is a fun machine that delights with its maneuverability and with its speed and glide performance when crossing valleys or facing headwinds. The Lhoste2 is sporty to fly and responds precisely to brake inputs. It is even more powerful, especially in moving (turbulent) air and accelerated flight than its predecessor. The Lhotse² is a glider that is easy to carry and has enough power for long-distance flights. What more do you want?



20, 22, 24, 26

Technical Data

Minimum Weight (kg)58657590
Maximum Weight (kg)7585100115
Glider Weight (kg)2.702.903.203.50
Number of Cells53535353
Projected Area (m^2)16.7018.6020.7022.50
Flat Area (m^2)19.6021.9824.4026.40
Projected Span (m)8.408.909.409.80
Flat Span (m)10.6011.2011.8012.30
Projected Aspect Ratio4.304.304.304.30
Flat Aspect Ratio5.705.705.705.70
Root Chord (m)

UP Lhotse 2


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