The Mana² is, as its name suggests, the second generation of our ultra-light fun-guarantor! The Mana² is extremely versatile and its tiny pack size and light weight make it the best companion for all kinds of adventures!

– Very low canopy weight; this not only increases comfort, but also significantly improves launch behavior and offers increased safety in flight.

– New Generation Airfoil (NGA), Mini Ribs, Air intake pockets (AIP) and 3D shaping of the individual cells optimize the airflow and have a stabilizing and performance-enhancing effect.

– Reduced line system for easy line sorting and less drag

What’s new?

The Mana² comes standard with our tried and tested 12mm Kevlar riser and popular SnapLock brake handles. As an orientation aid, we have labelled the different levels of the riser, which is helpful for the novice pilot and is also a safety plus after strenuous ascents during Hike&Fly, in case the stress does increase a little before take-off.

Optionally, the Mana² can also be ordered with light risers. This is a riser made of Dynema material, which of course withstands the same loads. In this version, the Mana² saves a whole 150-160gr (depending on size) in total weight compared to its predecessor!

With the new Snaplock technology, we were able to realize your wish for a better fastening option for the brake grips. The mix of magnet and push button combines the advantages of both. Thanks to Snaplock, weakening magnets are a thing of the past.

More important for us was the focus, during development, on the increased gliding performance, better wind penetration and improved durability.

The Mana² is one of the lightest gliders in its class but intentionally not “the lightest”! With the improved Porcher Skytex 27 Classic II, the latest double-coated lightweight fabric from the world market leader, we have selected a material that is up to three times more durable than conventional 27g materials. With the strategic mix of 32g Skytex and 27g Classic II, the Mana2 is now well equipped to show great (low) porosity values even after many hours of flying! When it comes to the lines used, the same concept comes into play; light, efficient, but robust! The reduced line system used is made up of sheathed Edelried Dyneema main lines and unsheathed Edelried Aramid gallery lines, these two types of lines work optimally together to keep your glider in perfect trim long term.

We have also succeeded in improving the general glide performance, the speed using the speed bar and the glide against the wind! We have achieved this with various improvements to the airfoil, such as small reinforcements in the form of 10 cm long rods in the center of the cell at the leading edge. This results in a glider that glides cleanly through the air and even in accelerated flight remains the airfoil under tension and glides through the air better than before.

Who is the Mana² for?

Like its predecessor, the Mana2 remains an all-rounder.

For Hike&Fly or just because you love the advantages of light gliders, you will surely love your Mana²!

A-Class: The Mana² is ideally suited as a training wing or for safety-conscious experienced pilots. Thanks to the lightweight materials and finely tuned construction, the Mana² is an absolute take-off wonder! In the air, the Mana² shines with its agile and with its easy and safe handing. It curves playfully in the thermals and only stops again when you are at the cloud base. It can be turned super tightly as well as beautifully flat and thus lets you climb perfectly in different conditions. The tiny pack size and low weight will be of particular benefit to you on your hike & fly adventures! Thanks to the greatly improved glide performance, nothing stands in your way when you want to leave your home mountain for your first cross country flights!

The sizes 23, 25, 27 have an extended weight range with the a LTF/EN-A rating.

B-Class: The Mana² in the size 21 has an extended weight range with the a LTF/EN-B rating.

Due to the extended weight range, the 21 size can also be used in partnerships or friendships by pilots with different weight ranges. One flying it as A glider the ENA certified 55-86 weigh range, the other in the slightly more dynamic ENB range 86-100, for example for for hike & fly.


21-A, 21-B, 23-A, 25, 27-A

Technical Data

Glider NameMana 2Mana 2Mana 2Mana 2Mana 2
Min Weight (kg)5586657080
Max Weight (kg)75100100115130
Single Surface-----
Number of Cells3333333333
Glider Weight (kg)2.502.502.702.903.10
Projected Area (m2)18.0018.0019.8021.5023.00
Flat Area (m2)21.2021.2023.3025.3027.10
Projected Span (m)7.807.808.208.608.80
Flat Span (m)10.1010.1010.6011.1011.50
Projected Aspect Ratio3.403.403.403.403.40
Flat Aspect Ratio4.904.904.904.904.90

UP Mana 2

Product Attributes

Lightweight / Hike & Fly

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