A two-seater for all uses

The Budy is a particularly versatile two-seater. With 41m2, it displays the ideal surface for most drivers and uses. It is designed to provide maximum performance in small conditions as well as a relatively high arm speed. To summarize, its finesse is high and approaches the solo wings EN C. Its take-off pick-up is exemplary, with maximum lift from the first km/h: your passengers will be instantly reassured by the feeling of immediate flight!

Great finesse

When you are a two-seater, you are used to wings with a good glide. The Budy will remind you of your solo cross wing with exceptional finesse and fall rate. It will allow you to comfortably fly over your favorite landscapes and arrive with a lot of height above the landing. Your passenger will only appreciate his experience.

Two-seater pro / two-seater personal

There is no distinction between a wing for pros or amateurs. two-seater wing pilots all have the same expectations: a wing that works, that wears fast, that does not make keys on take-off, and that rounds very well. This is the case with the Budy: it will suit all pilots!

Robust and durable

7.5 kg of durable materials from the biggest brands:

  • lines with a slightly above-average diameter

  • trim elevators and jamming cleats for the nautical-grade ear kit.

On the Budy everything has been studied to provide you with a durable, reliable and robust tool: it maintains a perfect level of safety after hundreds of flight hours!

The benefits of the budy
  • Extremely fast take-off support.

  • Wing durability thanks to high-end materials.

  • Very high performance.

  • High and high detrimmed arm speed even at low load.

  • Intuitive rounding and very easy to succeed.

  • Power and precision of the turn.

  • Very beautiful colors.



Technical Data

Glider NameBudy
Min Weight (kg)120
Max Weight (kg)220
Single Surface-
Number of Cells55
Glider Weight (kg)7.50
Projected Area (m2)34.75
Flat Area (m2)41.00
Projected Span (m)12.00
Flat Span (m)15.00
Projected Aspect Ratio5.51
Flat Aspect Ratio5.50

Way Budy

Product Attributes


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