The accessible freestyle wing

Foxy is a versatile freestyle wing. Its purpose is to help you learn and progress in acrobatics. EN B certified, Foxy is very forgiving while attempting helicopters, SATs, Misty Flips, and will never let you down.

Agile and manoeuvrable

Foxy has a reasonnable aspect ratio and a balanced trimming. It flies out of stall easily but it will let you enough time to trigger helicopter. SAT entries are easy. You will love its handling on the ground as well, really fun !

Wing overs are powerful and smooth, why not learning asymetric SAT or Heli to SAT with Foxy ?

Strong construction

Foxy is durable. We know you will kite and play a lot on the ground, drag it on Dune du Pyla, pull hard on it during endless acro sessions. We only used the strongest fabrics and lines, internal structure is reinforced, and stitching has been adapted to freestyle.

Why learning acro on certified wing ?

Skipping the steps is a mistake in progression. Due to our strong acrobatics experience (since 2004), we know basics must be learnt on certified and easy wings. It may be A or B wing. If you chose a Foxy, you already master stall and wing overs on an EN A wing. The next step after Foxy is a pure acro wing.

The benefits of foxy

-Very agile and fun.

-Super entertaining ground handling and kiting.

-Easy SAT and Helicopters

-Reinforced wing.

-Versatile : why not fly small XC with Foxy ?

-Colorful design : show you’re a freestyler !


19, 21, 23

Technical Data

Glider NameFoxyFoxyFoxy
Min Weight (kg)607590
Max Weight (kg)8095110
Single Surface---
Number of Cells505050
Glider Weight (kg)4.404.705.00
Projected Area (m2)16.2717.9819.69
Flat Area (m2)19.0021.0023.00
Projected Span (m)---
Flat Span (m)---
Projected Aspect Ratio---
Flat Aspect Ratio---

Way Foxy

Product Attributes

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