The BOUNDLESS is a reversible harness that doesn’t have to be turned inside out. With its easy handling, this harness-rucksack system signals a revolution in this category. The resulting sleek design provides comfort and compactness both in the air and on foot. The multifunctional backpack serves as a twin-fit protector element.


Suits your needs

The BOUNDLESS combines the well-established characteristics of our harnesses, and combines them in a novel way. The harness does not invert in the conventional sense, and the zipped-on rucksack with its padding stows in a compartment in the back of the harness. Alternatively, the padding can remain independently in this stowage, and the rucksack can be used separately or detached for replacement.


Relaxed take-off and landing

With a few simple steps you can adjust the BOUNDLESS to your ideal settings and enjoy a high level of comfort while flying, thanks to the compact seatboard design. Easy handling and the colour-coded Easy Connect System ensure trouble-free launch preparation. In addition, you can easily slide back into the harness after takeoff and forward again for a safe landing position.


Ready for all adventures

The BOUNDLESS is a lightweight, comfortable all-rounder with a total weight of 3.8 kg. Highly adaptable, this innovative rucksack solution serves you perfectly for all your different adventures – from the start of your flying career to hike & flys, traveling and thermal flying.


L, M, S

Harness NameBoundlessBoundlessBoundless
Weight (kg)
Min Height (cm)155165178
Max Height (cm)172183202
Harness TypeStandardStandardStandard
Seat Type---
Seating Width3031.232.8
Seatboard Depth37.540.542.5
Suspension Height---
Chest Strap Width---
Rucksack Volume (l)---

Advance Boundless

Product Attributes

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