The IMPRESS 4 is the first fully-equipped cross country harness with an aerodynamically optimised tail spoiler which will fit in any normal paraglider rucksack. This High-End product is more comfortable and sophisticated than ever before – intended for leisure cross country use right up to the cross country champion and competition pilot.


Best possible aerodynamics

Perfect aerodynamics received the highest attention for this High-End harness. The ideal shape results from innumerable CFD analyses in the virtual wind tunnel. An own-design air intake tube of minimal diameter with non-return-valve ensures a solidly inflated tail spoiler. The result is a crease-free, streamlined silhouette for maximum performance.


A place for it in any paraglider rucksack

The especially compact IMPRESS 4 will fit in any normal paraglider rucksack – a new characteristic for a fully-operational cross country harness with a drag-reducing tail spoiler. A folding line across the back makes it convenient and easy to pack in the rucksack.


With or without a seatboard

The IMPRESS 4 boasts another revolutionary feature: it can be flown with or without its seatboard, requiring no special restriction or change of settings. With the seatboard you have a harder, more sporty feeling, conveying higher directional stability and direct feedback from the wing. Without it you can enjoy a comfortable and more damped Cruiser-Feeling, conveniently enclosed in the body-conforming seat shell.


L, M, S

Harness NameImpress 4Impress 4Impress 4
Weight (kg)---
Min Height (cm)155165178
Max Height (cm)172183200
Harness TypePodPodPod
Seat TypeSeatboardSeatboardSeatboard
Seating Width31.53334.5
Seatboard Depth---
Suspension Height464748
Chest Strap Width---
Rucksack Volume (l)---

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Product Attributes

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