The WEIGHTLESS has been developed for X-Alps athletes and specially upgraded for weight-conscious cross country pilots. The WEIGHTLESS is therefore the perfect harness component for ambitious Hike to XC and VolBiv projects, as well as serious competition. Its special qualities include minimal weight, comprehensive usefulness and great comfort. The aerodynamically excellent XC harness also impresses by its lean and dynamic look.


The new WEIGHTLESS is a further development of the 2021 harness for X-Alps athletes. It encapsulates experience gained from all nine previous ADVANCE X-Alps involvements, five of them victories. Seatshell, internal structure and strap system of the WEIGHTLESS are identical to the X-Alps athletes version. A large proportion of the materials used are also the same as the athletes harness.


This ultralight XC harness can be used from a minimum weight of 1.9 kg, and, even so, provides a high degree of comfort for long cross country flights. Despite this absolutely minimal weight, the WEIGHTLESS has punctual reinforcements, an optimised use of material and a speedbag made of stretchy elastane. The WEIGHTLESS is certified to carry a load of 120 kg.


The WEIGHTLESS accepts no compromise in the safety and comfort department! This harness has a built-in reserve and the protector has an easy handling as it needs no inflating before flight. The WEIGHTLESS has useful and practical adjustments as well as an ingenious cockpit.


L, M, S

Harness NameWeightlessWeightlessWeightless
Weight (kg)---
Min Height (cm)155165178
Max Height (cm)172183200
Harness TypePodPodPod
Seat Type---
Seating Width---
Seatboard Depth---
Suspension Height---
Chest Strap Width---
Rucksack Volume (l)---

Advance Weightless

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