The combination of hiking and flying has grown increasingly popular amongst paragliding pilots around the world.

“Hike & fly” puts us pilots in harmony with nature, enabling us to visit the most remote places, being one with nature.

Whether you are in for a hike or just for recreation, crave for adventure, pleasure or all of them, you need adequate equipment. For this reason we at AIR VUISA are creating specialized equipment for pilots just like you.

One of those products is our new “hike and fly” line of ultralight harnesses – AIR VUISA MOSQUITO.

Mosquito are ultralight harnesses, specially designed for the increasingly popular “Hike & Fly” paragliding segment. Following our “Light&Easy” design philosophy; we have created a ultralight and simple, yet very versatile and comfortable line of harnesses for various pilot profiles – from recreational weekend pilots looking for a light gear for hiking up to takeoff, to professionals without compromises. To achieve this versatility, we have designed also an Airbag version – Mosquito PLUS for pilots who want airbag protection. A special ultralight front reserve container has also been designed especially for this harness.

We offer the Mosquito in three versions: XTREME, STANDARD, PLUS

Mosquito XTREME is a minimalistic variant, for those looking for the most minimal setup possible. It has no air protector and no reversible backpack. Combined with one of our V-series ultralight reserves, as well as one of our optional backpack variants, it makes an extremely compact and light package.



Harness NameMosquito Extreme
Weight (kg)-
Min Height (cm)155
Max Height (cm)185
Harness TypeSpecialist
Seat Type-
Seating Width-
Seatboard Depth-
Suspension Height-
Chest Strap Width-
Rucksack Volume (l)-

AirVuisa Mosquito Extreme

Product Attributes

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