The Kitto is a lightweight, seat-board-free pod harness. Weighing in at under 2.6 [Kg], the Kitto is light, but in line with APCO’s tradition, it does not compromise whatsoever on durability, safety or comfort.

Kitto completes our range of XC pod harnesses, offering a hammock design which supports the body without incorporating the traditional seat-board.

The origin of the name “Kitto”, or “きっと” is a Japanese word which translates to: ‘certainty’ or ‘without fail’.
Certainty is exactly what Kitto will give you – both in your flight decisions as well as trust in your equipment!

The Kitto harness is designed to give the maximum amount of feedback from the wing. The airfoam creates a semi-rigid base for the seat, combining the weight advantages of hammock style harness and the “talkativeness” of a seat-board harness. It will be comfortable for hours without compromises.

Kitto is protected by a combination of airfoam + lexan – unique to APCO, providing superior protection qualities.

The reserve container and bridle arrangement are separately and neatly secured with a zipper closing system which allows for very fast, low friction opening.

The Kitto is compatible with our Flight Deck Lite,  which is quick to install and remove as needed. The harness is supplied with a preinstalled three-step speed bar, and a foot bungee for ease of entry after takeoff. The harness also packs small, so, when combined with a lightweight glider, will easily fit into a compact backpack such as our Light Backpack 80, and it can even be reversed into its own rear storage compartment, to keep it compact for packing.

Body Geometry

Kitto is a seatboard-free design which give a hammock like support. Set up correctly the harness gives equal support to all body parts, leading to maximum comfort and relaxed position during flight.  The Geometry and webbing construction were fine tuned to find the perfect balance between comfort and activeness. The Kitto will transmit exactly what the wing is doing, but in a way which is reassuring and not surprising.

Comfort without sacrificing on weight or safety was the objective, achieved by having sufficient seat and lumbar support by using lines connecting the side of the hammock to the carabiners . The airfoam protector serves as additional support to the hammock seat resulting in the desired activeness and feel.
The harness is supplied in a default factory setting so that most pilots will not need to make any further adjustments to the secondary support lines.

Speed & Aerodynamics

Special attention was given to the speed system. The ball bearing pulley position was carefully placed so that the harness does not pitch up or down while applying the speed system.
Regardless of your wing, you will be amazed how easy it is to push the speed bar with this harness.

The Kitto has a low drag profile for aerodynamic efficiency and an extremely clean surface to minimise friction drag!
The elastic pod is made from the same, PU coated lycra cloth already proven on the Swift Sport and Zero harnesses. This pod material is highly elastic, contributing to a very tight, wrinkle-free structure. The PU coating is windproof for a cozy warm feeling even at the highest, coldest altitudes.

The rear pocket is large enough to accommodate a light backpack, water bladder and more.

A zipped closed rescue bridle channel contributes to the sleek harness surface and a safe secure reserve deployment sequence.


The Kitto was designed to be light. Saying that, it is still a durable harness and no shortcuts were taken with construction or materials.
The footplate is made of our lightweight Polycomb material – a composition of Polycarbonate in honeycomb structure.

Pilot Suitability

A lightweight pod harness which will be suitable for all levels of pilot who prefer a hammock like harness over a seatboard design.

With no tendency to drop radically to the side during asymmetric loading, nor to twist easily, the harness will give a very secure feeling, and will help any pilot build confidence and improve flying.



Technical Data

Harness NameKittoKitto
Weight (kg)1.811.98
Min Height (cm)165180
Max Height (cm)185205
Harness TypePodPod
Seat Type--
Seating Width--
Seatboard Depth--
Suspension Height--
Chest Strap Width--
Rucksack Volume (l)--

Apco Kitto

Product Attributes

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