Simply named Pilot harness and Passenger harness these harness set is APCO’s foot mark in the tandem harness market.

Specially designed for professional use by tandem pilots and their passengers.
Each harness is designed to be used as part of an integrated set for Pilot and Passenger. Synergized to work perfectly together.

Of course each harness can be used on its own, but they work best when combined.

Passenger Harness

Like the matching Pilot Harness, the Passenger Harness is highly comfortable, safe and light, designed for ease of use with maximum protection.

Harness provides for excellent ergonomics on the ground and in flight.

Numerous special features built into it to make use comfortable and job easy.

Equipped with under the seat, specially designed Cygnus airbag. Dual inlets installed on each side of airbag and combined with classic frontal intake valve to ensure airbag is fully inflated at all stages of flight, no matter what the passenger position is.

Unlike any other Passenger Harness our harness allows for automatic transition to sitting position of passenger on take-off (pilot induced), making in and out of harness extremely easy.

The harness has multiple adjustment points to fit a wide range of passenger sizes – offered in one size only.



Technical Data

Harness NameTandem Passenger
Weight (kg)2.7
Min Height (cm)165
Max Height (cm)185
Harness TypeStandard
Seat TypeSeatboard
Seating Width-
Seatboard Depth-
Suspension Height-
Chest Strap Width-
Rucksack Volume (l)-

Apco Tandem Passenger

Product Attributes

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