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The primary role of light, double-function Combo is training. Still, it will satisfy those more experienced pilots who seek a simple and inexpensive harness for short flights, too.

The primary role of light, double-function Combo is training. Still, it will satisfy those more experienced pilots who seek a simple and inexpensive harness for short flights, too.

The Idea:
Achieving full command of the wing, i.e. always displaying correct reactions without a single glance upwards, requires quite a lot of time. Even experienced pilots are willing to exercise ground-handling whenever flying is not possible, as they fully appreciate its usefulness.
The Combo harness is an answer to long-time pledges of instructors, school owners and pilots themselves, who were forced to use traditional, heavy, expensive and cumbersome harnesses for ground-handling.

Its most characteristic feature is easy removal of the back part including protector. Thus, the harness becomes even lighter and does not hamper your movements, so that basic and ground handling exercises become a dream.
Of course if you are going to fly, the protector must be reassembled.

Harness certification: EN1651.

On both sides there are small pockets for trifles and a big one on the back. Speed system could be attached. Optionally you can mount a frontcontainer with rescue chute.



Harness TypeStandard
Minimum Height (cm)168
Maximum Height (cm)185
Weight (kg)3.4
Seat TypeSeatboard
Seating Width36
Seatboard Depth
Suspension Height42

Dudek Combo

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