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Comfortable and light Sit&Fly 260 harness for hike&fly, para-alpinism and all activities prizing small weight, ease of transport and relatively high comfort.

Due to light and durable materials of best quality it weighs just 258 g in M size, despite the use of design solutions significantly increasing the comfort of flight.

By default it is equipped with AustriAlpin Rocket carabiners. It is adapted to accommodate the speedbar. The rescue chute can be placed in an optional frontcontainer.
The Sit&Fly 260 harness was designer for short flights and gliding down. You can comfortably fly for up to 1 hour or more, depending on your personal preferences, body build and pilot’s weight.

Sit&Fly is manufactured in three sizes: S, M and L.


Sit&Fly 260 is certified accordingly to EN 1651 norm for a maximum pilot weight of 100 kg. Due to its ultralight construction radical manoeuvres, aerobatics or safety training (SIV) must not be executed. Sit&Fly 260 cannot be used for towed launches nor tandem flights either.


In the harness as a whole only the arm straps and the link are adjustable.


The set comprises one Sit&Fly harness and two AustriAlpin Rocket 22 kN carabiners (one red and one blue) 65 g each.

Optional harness equipment includes: speedbar with accessoriesfrontcontainer and Pack&Hike 30 backpack of 30 l volume.



L, M, S

Harness TypeSpecialistSpecialistSpecialist
Minimum Height (cm)157165170
Maximum Height (cm)170185185
Weight (kg)0.2530.2680.258
Seat TypeSplit LegSplit LegSplit Leg
Seating Width
Seatboard Depth
Suspension Height

Dudek Sit & Fly 260

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