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Techno 2018 – for pilots appreciating flight comfort and low weight. Perfect for long cross-country and bivouac flights.

The Techno was designed for cross country and competition pilots, looking for a very light and comfortable harness.

Techno 2018

The most visible changes in comparison to Techno 2015:

  • decreased weight
  • improved comfort and functionality
  • adjustable lumbar part
  • carbon seat plate and footrest
  • new front container with a shelf for instruments (featuring additional section and a safety knife).


Thanks to its large back pocket and low weight the Techno is perfectly suited to bivouac flying. Main points on the wishlist were improvements in ergonomics and further weight reduction. Due to light, carbon seat board and footrest, as well as other materials the Techno weighs just 3.1 kg in M size. Comfortable, ventilated backrest and a new, ergonomic seat with profiled board ensure maximum comfort during the flight. Large adjustment range makes sure that every single pilot will be able to find his/her optimum. Redesigned strap scheme brings great stability and significantly reduces the danger of launching with leg/chest straps not clipped in. The Techno is equipped with a certified, 15 cm thick airfoam protector. The rescue chute is located in the frontcontainer which is equipped with additional instrument shelf, housing the safety knife too. When the rescue chute is activated the pod opens automatically too, enhancing overall safety. The pod improves the aerodynamics of the harness and protects the pilot against cold. Its four-point length adjustment allows for any footrest inclination as well. There is a ballast pocket under the seat plate. The harness features easily replaceable, ball-bearing Duroll pulleys for better speedsystem operation.



L, M, S, XL

Harness TypePodPodPodPod
Minimum Height (cm)157165178185
Maximum Height (cm)170182190200
Weight (kg)3.1
Seat TypeSeatboardSeatboardSeatboardSeatboard
Seating Width24/3126/3327/3427/35
Seatboard Depth43454750
Suspension Height43444546

Dudek Techno 2018

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