LC continues the momentum of its predecessor, an extraordinary product with a strong character (color, technical choices.).

Indeed, this harness is still equipped with a buckleless system. The front container is located on the chest strap, the rescue risers attached directly to it.
This system allows harnessing in 2 actions, rescue included.

It is also very difficult to forget to strap in, the reserve hanging in the legs as long as you are not correctly harnessed.

The front container has an opening on the top, via 6 needles.
The opening movement is thus reduced, and the risk of unexpected opening is really low!

The set weighs only 2.8kg in size L, approved inflatable protection and rescue container included in size L.
Like for the first version, the lightness is coming from the Smart Design and not then ultra light materials!

Months of testing in the demanding conditions of Brazil shows us that no sacrifice has been made on the strength/durability of the materials used!

The geometry offers a neutral behavior of the harness, it responds to your inputs without amplifying or dampening them.
This makes his behavior really precise, safe and reassuring.

The use of dense foam provides exceptional hold and comfort for such a light harness.

Comfort on long flights is incredible, especially thanks to the 3D back.

The inflatable protection offers very good results in terms of damping (35G), but also in terms of folding compactness.

It inflates in a few exhalations or via the packing bag..

The harness offers a lot of storage, in its rear pocket, under seat container and of course the 2 large side pockets present on the previous model.

The addition of fairing allows you to gain glide without compensation. Its inflation is fast thanks to the 2 side scoops.

This harness is approved according to standard EN 1651/EN 12491.

Maximum flight weight is 100kg.


L, M, S

ManufacturerLittle CloudLittle CloudLittle Cloud
Harness NameGrasshopper Mk 2Grasshopper Mk 2Grasshopper Mk 2
Weight (kg)
Min Height (cm)150165175
Max Height (cm)170180195
Harness TypePodPodPod
Seat Type---
Seating Width---
Seatboard Depth---
Suspension Height---
Chest Strap Width---
Rucksack Volume (l)---

Little Cloud Grasshopper Mk 2

Product Attributes

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