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Turtle, the new reversible airbag harness from LittleCloud. We’ve used the innovative buckleless system to get strapped in. A front mount container is integrated on the waist belt, the reserve risers are directly attached on to it. This system allows to get strapped in within 2 steps only, reserve activation included, and reduces the risk of an unstrapped take off to almost zero. The reserve container is closed by a 6 pins system, with a shorter time range of activation. This system reduces the risk of un-intended attempted reserve release With a weight of 2.4kg, all included, no sacrifices have been made done on durability and comfort. Its shape offers a very neutral roll control behavior, the Turtle responds very precisely to the pilots input, not more not less. It is fully adjustable in flight.

Airbag protection is certified and goes from bottom till upper back.
The bag is rather tall , compact, with enough space to fit 25/26m2 of fabric (55l+), which makes it perfect for walks and hikes.
The side bag is equipped with several small pockets to fit your phone, car keys, bottle etc.
One Single size fits all.


Harness TypeSpecialist
Minimum Height (cm)155
Maximum Height (cm)190
Weight (kg)2.4
Seat Type
Seating Width
Seatboard Depth
Suspension Height

Little Cloud Turtle

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