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The Light Eddy harness is the best compromise between a top comfort harness and an ultra light one. Weighing only 1.13 Kg, it is easily carried when hiking. Tandem pilots will appreciate it as an excellent passenger harness. “Back tuning” allows adjustment to suit all pilots (or passenger) according to his body proportions and clothes (summer or winter). The leg system makes it easy to walk and run whilst wearing it, a major advantage at windy take-offs or in deep snow. In the air, a good position and a sensation of freedom allow the pilot to feel his glider and maintain optimum control. The Light Eddy has provision to attach a pocket for a 17 cm foam protector or trekking equipment, by means of a zip and ties.

  • Easy sitting/standing in flight, without hands: safety after take-off
  • Very easy active weight-shift piloting, even for tandem flights
  • No rear pocket or reserve container
  • Exclusive “MAC back-tuning”
  • Heavy duty material
  • Allows pilot to adjust the harness’ depth
  • Optimal personal tuning
  • With summer or winter clothes, with or without skies, no problem
  • Weight of Light Eddy: 1,13 kg

L, M

Harness TypeSpecialistSpecialist
Minimum Height (cm)155175
Maximum Height (cm)175195
Weight (kg)1.131.13
Seat TypeSplit LegSplit Leg
Seating Width
Seatboard Depth
Suspension Height

Mac Para Light Eddy

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