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A very light harness for all your possible needs: competitions, cross-country flights and hike&fly adventures – Airy VIBE design allows adaptation for all purposes providing also advanced comfort and safety.

Improved aerodynamics

We have added a high rear fairing behind the Pilot’s head. This solution has the highest aerodynamic efficiency, helping the Pilot to perform better, specially at higher speeds where it will reward him with a much better glide ratio.


We made it all light-weight: speed bar, leg support,  cocoon and inner parts materials materials, cockpit, inflatable back protector, seat.


You can always modify Vibe to fit your needs: XC, Competition, Hike and fly

The best light-weight choice for comfort and performance during long XC flight


  • We made it all light-weight: speed bar, leg support, cocoon and inner parts materials materials, cockpit, inflatable back protector, seat.
  • Comfort is our primary goal for every harness design.  Proper seat-board design is a key feature for a relaxed feel in every flight, especially in long ones.  Legs fatigue is a common issue for many pilots … not with the Airy Vibe! It offers a complete leg support with zero muscle power required from the Pilot. the Cocoon shape remains intact and independent from legs tensions, even when totally relaxed.
  • Back support, adaptable for individual body shape helps to achieve this goal. The upper-back is supported by an anatomic shape near the pilot’s neck. An additional pillow near the lower-back can be adjusted for pilot back shape. Our seat helps the pilot to fix his back while pushing the speed system or thermalling.
  • Genesis Race seat design is used also for the Airy Vibe. It is a hybrid concept with a small seat-plate in the middle and additional back and lower back support. This hybrid seat-board concept gets the best from a seat-board and a hammock harnesses.
  • The Vibe has a stability system (ABS) in two orthogonal plans. The pilot can override the ABS settings during the flight with a minimum input: this allows him to change the harness feel after assessing the true weather conditions and according to the actual turbulence.
  • Front cockpit has a removable flight deck and ballast compartment with volume of 5 litres
  • 3- step speed-bar (competition version)
  • Large front container with a large flight deck
  • 3 Ballast compartments, up to 15 litres of ballast in total
  • Possibility to install the hydration system
  • Compartment for small items in the front of the cockpit
  • Ballast discharge valve
  • Large rear compartment with inner pockets for small items
  • Cocoon made of light-weight elastic windproof material

L, M, S, XL

Harness TypePodPodPodPod
Minimum Height (cm)155165170180
Maximum Height (cm)165175185200
Weight (kg)
Seat TypeSeatboardSeatboardSeatboardSeatboard
Seating Width
Seatboard Depth
Suspension Height

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