A light harness for Fun and XC flights. It can be transformed into backpack that will store all your PG equipment.

Airbag protector with possibility to change for foam protector.

I can be adjusted even when in flight making it more comfortable

The best choice for comfort and performance during long XC flight


The harness has two side pockets with a zipper.

The harness includes a detachable backpack-shaped flap that converts into a full-size urban backpack. In flight, it is used as a storage and drinking system. Inside the airbag it is fastened with special fastex buckles, in the place where the straps of the backpack exit, and in the lower part of the airbag, it is fixed with special hooks, preventing the swing of the backpack in flight.

Harness Adjustments

  • Back angle adjustment
  • Lumbar support adjustment
  • Adjusting the length of the shoulder straps
  • Back adjustment
  • Harness stability adjustment (ABS)
  • Seat extension under the knees


  • Anatomically shaped back
  • The original design of the belt, with increased fixation
  • Central zipper
  • Comfortable cushion under the lower back
  • Top flap (mini backpack)
  • Large volume of a backpack

Backpack adjustment

  • Adjusting the length of the straps
  • Belt length adjustment
  • Anti-tilt system
  • Anti-swinging system
  • Backpack volume adjustments

L, M, S

Harness NameBivvy 3Bivvy 3Bivvy 3
Weight (kg)---
Min Height (cm)155165166
Max Height (cm)165175181
Harness TypeStandardStandardStandard
Seat Type---
Seating Width---
Seatboard Depth---
Suspension Height---
Chest Strap Width---
Rucksack Volume (l)---

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Product Attributes

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