A Paragliding cocoon-harness for competitions and long XC flights. It was designed upon the experience of the World Cup pilots.

  • New concept of seat.
  • Fully adjustable backrest allows to tailor the harness for your body and habits.
  • Low-drag fairing for best aerodynamic performance.
  • Well-balanced handling.
  • Advanced legs support
  • Easy-working speed bar.
  • Can be set up for a recumbent, semi-recumbent, 3/4 recumbent and seated flight.
  • A cockpit is fixed 90° to the view line that almost eliminates glare and reflections.

    Ergonomic design – you will not be tired after many hours of flight – your spine will be grateful 🙂

    The best choice for comfort and performance during long XC flight

    The new GENESIS top-end cocoon harness was created for athletes and XC pilots, who want a minimum aerodynamic drag, comfort and safety. GENESIS Harness was resulted by two years of flight tests, research and experiments. We have created many prototypes, to bring the belt system and seat to the perfection.

    We have ensured that pilot always feels comfortable during long flights and do not get tired. At the final stages of development we invited World Cup pilots who assisted us to create the most convenient and comfortable harness system for the competition. Optimal handling, innovative seat concept, streamlined shape, clean profile make GENESIS harness attractive for both for competition and XC pilots.

    The great results are based on the innovative ideas and hard work that bring them to reality.

    • Large front container with a large flight deck
    • 3 Ballast compartments, up to 15 liters of ballast in total
    • Possibility to install the hydration system
    • 2 side pockets
    • Compartition for small items in the front of the cockpit
    • Ballast discharge valve
    • Front cockpit has a removable flight deck and ballast compartment with volume of 5 liters
    • 2- step speed-bar
    • Large rear compartment with inner pockets for small items
    • Cocoon made of elastic windproof material
    • Big diameter rolling bearings (for easy pushing)
    • Self-locking bearings (optional).

L, M, S, XL

Harness NameGenesisGenesisGenesisGenesis
Weight (kg)----
Min Height (cm)155165170180
Max Height (cm)165175185200
Harness TypePodPodPodPod
Seat TypeSeatboardSeatboardSeatboardSeatboard
Seating Width----
Seatboard Depth----
Suspension Height----
Chest Strap Width----
Rucksack Volume (l)----

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