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Zippy 2 is a new lightweight harness, which provides a long comfortable flight without getting tired, with really easy and ergonomic handling of the glider, the pilot feels integrated into a solid and predictable system even in rough turbulence.

The inner area of the sitting is equipped with a special soft shell, which forms any geometry for flying.

Zippy 2 has an innovational hybrid sitting construction, a strapping system with regulations of the full-length body position. 

The harness is equipped with a light re-adjustable cocoon, which can be dismounted and applied in few minutes. Zippy 2 has a new light frontal container for safety parachute. There is also an option to purchase a big additional frontal compartment.   

The best choice for comfort and performance during long XC flight


Zippy is the line of  light paragliding harnesses constructed for sportsmen and cross-country pilots, who prefer to fly easy and comfortable cocoon. For the development of Zippy “Genesis” technologies were applied.

  • a new concept of the sitting
  • easy speed-bar handling
  • refined leg support
  • a big number of the regulations, which allows optimizing the sitting for a pilot
  • comfortable, ergonomic, individually adjustable back of the sitting
  • balanced handling
  • a frontal container with instrument panel
  • an optional frontal container with a removable instrument panel and a ballast compartment.
  • Ronstan (c) bearing pulleys
  • a cocoon made of stretching Windstopper material
  • a rear storage with pockets for personal belongings
  • a 2-step speedbar
  • a valve to pour out the ballast
  • 2 side pockets
  • possibility to place a hydration system
  • a ballast compartment under the sitting with 5 l ballast capacity

L, M, S

Harness TypePodPodPod
Minimum Height (cm)155165170
Maximum Height (cm)166175195
Weight (kg)
Seat Type
Seating Width
Seatboard Depth
Suspension Height

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