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The NEO Bikini is the result of our research into the posture and in-flight comfort of professional tandem pilots.
Full-time tandem professionals spend a great deal of time in harnesses with poor back support – common designs position the pelvis too low, brakes and knees too high, forcing the pilot to lean forward and upward in order to maintain good visibility and control, stressing the pilot’s back and shoulders.

A professional tandem pilot harness must provide the ergonomic posture and support for efficient piloting. This is how the Bikini was born. The NEO R&D team focused on these points to create what we think is the ultimate pro-pilot tool.
“We modified the posture of the pilot so the harness offers a less reclined position with better back support, meaning the pilot is closer to his brakes without physical effort to hold a forward position.”

“We know many pro pilots who suffer serious back and shoulder pain, who even undergo mid-career surgery. The idea was to conceive a harness that addresses these postural issues, and thus to create a comfortable and appropriate tool for professionals that would reduce physical stress, enabling a longer and healthier tandem pilot career.” Eric Roussel, R&D ”
Eric Roussel, R&D
A tandem pilot harness with the right ergonomics

  • Ergonomic geometry embraces the pilot’s body for a better support
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Lumbar support following the lumbar spine curve
  • Horizontal thigh position
  • NEO “bucket seat”
  • Ergonomic geometry facilitates ground handling mobility
  • Simple adjustments for side / seat depth / shoulders
  • Adjustable chest strap
  • Lower abdominal strap
  • Rescue risers and spreaders are integrated into shoulder straps
  • Light and compact harness, easy to store in a tandem fast packing bag

A geometry adapted to tandem piloting

  • Leg straps ABS
  • 2 fast Edelrid semi-automatic buckles
  • NEO “bucket seat” is semi-rigid, with Koroyd protection for more precise piloting and weight shifting
  • Stable geometry for a muffled piloting that still enables air mass sensations
  • Geometry facilitating turns

Full back protector combined to a dorsal reserve container

  1. Full back protection:
    The geometry of the Bikini was designed around the new NEO Koroyd 3.0 protection, still lighter and thinner. With only 8 cm thickness and 300 g it is incredibly efficient and enabled the R&D team to work on the volume and weight optimization of the harness. The NEO Bikini thus offers a full back protection with no additional weight. More information
  2. Dorsal reserve container:
    In order to gain in volume and create an elegant looking harness, the rescue was placed at the back of the harness. This specific position was only possible thanks to the NEO Koroyd 3.0 which protects the pilot in case of an impact.
  3. Useful accessories:
    The NEO Bikini is delivered with a hook knife hidden on the left-hand side removable camera pocket, as well as a helicon kit folded and stored in the right-hand side inner pocket.

Better comfort, more precise piloting

The aim of the R&D team was to keep the NEO’s signature: comfort and piloting precision with good and efficient weight shift. We established a coherent flying tool that establishes a link between the pilot and the wing, a harness that communicates just the necessary information to the pilot.

The geometry, leg strap system, and the NEO Koroyd 3.0 protection, all improve agility and enable precision piloting while profiting from muffled flight sensations and filtering turbulence: less fatigue in tough conditions, better active piloting, and thus a substantial gain on the pilot’s energy in long days of work.

Very extensive work on the lightness, volume and robustness compromise

Highly durable fabrics were used for the Bikini, which is designed for intense daily use. Nothing has been left to chance. The challenge of balancing light weight and durability has been met: The Bikini is compact and light (2,7 kg) and can easily be stored in a tandem fast packing bag.

Pockets & accessories, with NEO’s attention to detail:

  • A large back pocket with a second inner compartment.
  • Zipped outside pocket
  • Removable camera pocket & hook knife
  • Risers and spreader system integrated to the shoulder straps
  • AustriAlpin Stratus Aluminium carabiners

The word of our ambassador and tandem pilot Maxime Pinot:

“Being a tandem pilot means flying intensively. Comfort and ease of use are primordial. The Bikini brings together those two essential qualities, along with a NEO design and its high level of finishing.”


M/L, S/M

Technical Data

Harness TypeStandardStandard
Minimum Height (cm)155185
Maximum Height (cm)185200
Weight (kg)2.733
Seat TypeSplit LegSplit Leg
Seating Width
Seatboard Depth
Suspension Height

Neo Bikini


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