The StayUp is back in an improved version but faithful to the virtues than earned it its reputation. It is still as resistant due to the exclusive ripstop Dyneema material used, which proved itself in the last 5 years.

This second version is the result of a close collaboration with  our ambassadorMax Pinot and Tim Alongi . We live and fly at the same spot, which makes creativity and the sometimes daily modifications easy. The StayUp 2.0 is very similar to the last Promodel used in the latest H&F races such as X-AlpsBornes to Fly and X-Pyr, among others. In order to meet the demands of flying in these competitions, we redesigned the 3D shape of the  NEO seat for more comfort, stability, and precision in handling.



The StayUp is a high-end light pod harness suitable for experienced pilots as well as for pilots new to pod harnesses.
Whether it is for demanding hike and fly competitions or for everyday flying at your local site, the resistance and weight of the StayUp make it the ideal companion. Since the first generation, we have always emphasized in comfort and a sitting position that allow pilots to relax, fly longer and more confident by eliminating the embellishments and appendixes that do not contribute to performance and the athlete, and make the harness heavier. Our ambassadors  are very mindful of their efficiency and  NEO’s DNA is of the same caliber.



5 years of experience on the geometry of the StayUp and the Suspender demonstrated that it can provide the pilot with a well-balanced stability to precision ratio, as well as being an accessible pod harness for everyone by being very stable in accelerated flight.
In this second generation of the SrayUp, we kept the general geometry and we reviewed the 3D shape of the bucket seat for further comfort and precision. The fabric surrounding the body was redesigned for more support on the thighs up until the top of the back. This bucket seat offers the pilot precise handling and an efficient communication with the glider.


The new fabric molding of the bucket seat offers higher comfort and better back support with fewer adjustments. In fact, the number of adjustments decreased significantly to just one for the back inclination. The rest of the seat adapts to most body types. The addition of the  Koroyd PROPACK back protection offers additional support by stiffening the seat.

The comfort of the StayUp 2.0 is also a result of its ergonomics. Getting in the pod is very intuitive after take off. The stability in the sitting position makes the pod very accessible and will please pilots new to pod harnesses.


The larger carbon foot plate offers greater comfort in flight as it is easy to change the position of the feet, especially while using the speedbar. This plate also allows increasing the overall volume of the pod to make using the speedbar easier.


No compromises were made in terms of durability for a harness weighing less than 2kg. The harness is 80% ripstop Dyneema, developed 5 years ago and whose durability has been more than proven. No other material used in hike and fly harnesses on the market is this resistant.

The whole structure is made up by HMPE (high-modulus polyethylene) webbing for minimum weight.

Pilot comfort is a priority, which is why we kept a soft and precise adjustment thanks to smooth chest strap adjustment, despite the extra weight of the buckles.

Parts subjected to wear, such as the pod closure and the carbon foot plate are easily replaceable without the need of a workshop.

The StayUp was designed to last long.


The StayUp 2.0 includes two protections:

– Under the seat. The 8cm NEO-Koroyd 2.3 is certified EN, LTF and CE. If provides efficient protection in all phases of the flight for such a light weight and small volume. The protection is narrower than the NEO-Koroyd 2.0 for a smaller volume when packed.
NEO-Koroyd 2.0 for a smaller volume when packed.

– On the back, The Koroyd PROPACK protection is CE (EN1621) certified. It only weighs 145g and protects the spine against punching (rock or hiking poles inside the bag, for example).

The harness can be used without the protection. The NEO-Koroyd 2.3 can be easily removed by opening the zipper under the seat. For the ProPack, just remove it from the back pocket.



“The StayUp 2.0 is the result of the experience from high-level hike and fly competitions. This experience is priceless for the products of the range, like in all sports. We had the chance of exchanging a lot with Mathias, who is also part of the team for the X-Alps, which allowed him to have direct feedback from the field.
Comfort was improved considerably thanks to the new bucket seat, but also for an increased stability. All this helps the pilot relax during long cross-country flights.
he harness weight is always crucial but finding a balance for maximum reliability is also important, knowing when or where to shave some grams, or not to. Even on the Promodel flown at the X-Alps, we chose the Dyneema fabric used by NEO since a few years, that has proven its excellent compromise between lightness and reliability.
The result is an extremely well-balanced harness, that is nice to fly even after a long time, and that you won’t notice in your rucksack during long hikes. A great weapon to chase light at home or to play in the most beautiful competitions.”

L, M, S, XS

Technical Data

Harness NameStayUp 2.0StayUp 2.0StayUp 2.0StayUp 2.0
Weight (kg)--1.45-
Min Height (cm)160165175185
Max Height (cm)175180190200
Harness TypePodPodPodPod
Seat Type----
Seating Width----
Seatboard Depth----
Suspension Height----
Chest Strap Width----
Rucksack Volume (l)----

Neo StayUp 2.0

Product Attributes

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