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The new NEO cocoon harness is an innovative bucket seat design. It is light, stable, precise, and comfortable, in a modern shape. The Suspender is a high-end light cross-country harness. It features the next-generation NEO-KOROYD back protector, which is light, compact, and integrated seamlessly in the harness geometry. The Suspender’s structure is built around our engineered back protector.

Improvements over traditional XC pod harness:

  • ABS geometry integrated with a new NEO concept: the paragliding bucket seat. The result: comfort, stability, handling, and precision.
  • Safety innovations: The NEO-Koroyd 1.0 back protector.
  • Practical details and technical accessories, designed by pilots for XC flights.
  • Craftsmanship and quality from our wholly-owned, on-sight production facility, using 100% European materials.

New geometry, new concept: The Bucket Seat
The focus of our design work was on the geometry and the seat area of the harness, creating a stable and ergonomic foundation with a very precise turn. To achieve this, we integrated a new EVA sandwich back protector into the harness. The result is that the Suspender is a new hybrid concept combining a bucket seat and a mix of seat-board and hammock characteristics, with a more streamlined and supportive protector that spans the full length of the harness.

The geometry design and trimming is centered around:

  • Harness CG.
  • Carefully tuned ABS (Anti-Balance-System), to control the roll axis.
  • Pitch attitude balance, to control yaw axis.
  • Additional upper ABS structure for additional stability in active air.
  • Adjustable center webbing (42-47cm) for precision and roll axis stability.
  • Optimal balance between stability, glider feedback, and handling.

In flight, you can feel:

  • Structured thigh support which maintains turn energy and creates a feeling similar to skiing: the carve effect.
  • Precise handling
  • The seat rigidity maintains heading when you push the speed bar. The Suspender offers comfort and precision similar to a competition harness, for a much smaller weight.


  • The bucket seat is the most comfortable harness we have flown.
  • Balanced support in the seat and the pod, allowing the pilot to relax both the torso and legs.
  • There is no need to tighten the shoulder straps: the seatback is very rigid, eliminating back pain during long flights.
  • The sponge seat densities are optimal for long flights.
  • Precise, simple trimming: side straps, seat depth/lumbar straps, front belt, shoulders straps, and chest strap.

Active safety:
During more than 300 hours of flight testing, the active safety features of the Suspender have been proven.

  • You can fly the Suspender in a seated position, with stability immediately after launch and while settling into the pod. There is no “swing set” sensation.
  • The rescue handle is easy to find, located on the main carabiner axis.
  • The under-seat rescue container easily deploys the rescue via a large opening.
  • Easy pod entry and exit.

Passive safety:
Revolutionary details:

      • Engineered paragliding back protection, NEO-Koroyd 1.0
        • the most significant innovation in back protection in the last 20 years.
        • Koroyd technology : http://koroyd.com
        • Protects the entire vertebral spine.
        • 9 cm thickness.
        • 480 gr.
        • Certifications and laboratory tests:
        • EN / LTF09 : load test, rescue handle, and inner container test, back protection impact test, by Air Turquoise swiss laboratory / Para-test.com
        • CE : back protection test following the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) European directive, by CRITT Laboratory (FR).
        • Opening rescue test on G-Force simulator.
      • 2 automatic buckles, and the Get-Up safety system linked with a Fidlock bluckle system to prevent pod closure without locking your leg straps.
      • The underseat rescue container is closed by 2 pins, with a large 2-zip opening. Two flaps open across the total width of the harness.
      • Safety accessories :
        • Heli kit, NEO innovation: For the first time, a heli rescue kit is integrated in a paragliding harness. The heli kit is recommended by paragliding associations and rescue helicopter agencies.
        • Hook-knife : emergency safety knife, to cut webbing and lines.
        • The rescue parachute deployment bag is delivered with the Suspender, to adapt your rescue pack volume to the container size.
      • Materials:
        • Made in Europe.
        • New NEO Dyneema/PES 20mm webbing developped with Technisangles (FR).
        • Automatic buckles AustriAlpin Cobra (A).
        • Automatic carabiners NEO Rocket, specially designed for paragliding via a NEO/AustriAlpin (A) partnership.
        • NEO 20mm Aluminum 2047 buckles produced in Haute-Savoie (FR).

Practical details :

        • Large back pocket closed by asymmetric zip for easy rucksack packing.
        • Hydration pocket located in the back pocket with tube access at shoulder strap.
        • External zip side pocket.
        • Internal pocket for radio.
        • Instrument cockpit with zip pocket.
        • Straps + Velcro on shoulder straps for radio external mic. or solar vario.
        • 4 aluminium easy trim buckles, for pod.
        • Aluminium / Stainless steel trim buckles.

Accessories :

        • 3 step speed bar on sliding face (supplied).
        • Removable instrument cockpit.
        • Cockpit lift / extension (option).
        • Ergonomic rucksack 110L. (option) designed for the Suspender and the ultra-thin 9cm NEO-Koroyd back protection. Fold your wing into 3 parts inside your Suspender harness and experience the ergonomics of a thinner and lower volume rucksack.

French made :

      • The Suspender is 100% made in France
      • The Suspender is locally designed and constructed in the NEO workshop.
      • All fabric and webbings are made in Europe, exclusively developed for NEO by our suppliers.
      • YKK zippers.
      • Harken ball bearing puleys.
      • Leather finish for a better ageing of the parts in contact with the metal and to reinforce the zips garages.

L, M, S, XS

Technical Data

Harness TypePodPodPodPod
Minimum Height (cm)155160165175
Maximum Height (cm)165170185190
Weight (kg)3.85
Seat Type
Seating Width
Seatboard Depth
Suspension Height

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