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VENTUS – free as the wind

The VENTUS is a modern all-round harness that offers exceptional fun, many well-thought-out details and, above all, high levels of passive safety. In addition to a classic foam protector, there is a viscoelastic back protector. The ergonomic parachute container enables a particularly reliable deployment. We confirmed this with intensive in-house tests, which well surpassed the stipulated test procedures.  Its sporty look, the ergonomic seat geometry and its small packing volume make the VENTUS the ideal companion for every flight.

Safety First. The VENTUS has a foam protector with a particularly small packing volume (between 18 and 20 cm, size M) which covers all the lumbar vertebrae and protects the pilot from the moment they put it on. Despite its compressibility, the protector does not lose its impact-absorbing properties even after years of use. A protector made by the German firm SAS-TEC is additionally fitted in the upper back area. In the case of an impact, this distributes the pressure of hard objects, such as stones or objects in the storage compartment, over a larger area. This reduces the risk of severe back injuries.

Dependable deployment: the VENTUS has an ergonomically optimised parachute container and we tested deployment in a multitude of directions. The EN standard for harnesses only stipulates that the release force for the parachute must be between 2 and 7 daN – testing deployment in different directions is not required. Additionally, this functionality was tested with significant forces on the G-Force Trainer. In an emergency the parachute may be deployed in any flying position and even with high g-forces, it will deploy reliably.

Clever details for more comfort. The storage compartment has space for a drinking bladder and a channel for the drinking tube on the shoulder straps. This means the pilot can easily stay hydrated even on long flights. The auto-lock zip ensures that the storage compartment cannot accidentally open in flight, even if it was not completely closed before launch. The radio pocket that is included as standard can be fixed to the shoulder strap in two positions. Additional zipped side-pockets offer space for a mobile phone, camera, first-aid kit, etc.

Intuitive operation. Well-thought-out components make this harness simple for beginners and will equally enthuse experienced pilots. The colour-coding featured on the PRION and IBEX risers is replicated on the VENTUS. The main hang-points and buckles are green on the right side and red on the left side. Adjusting the seat angle, the shoulder straps and the chest strap is possible in flight – not just on the ground!

Enjoyment of flight. The hang-point height was optimised so that all sizes of the VENTUS are pleasant and stable to fly. Thanks to the honeycomb seat plate and the well-thought-out seat geometry, it responds very well to weight-shift and provides direct feedback even during dynamic manoeuvres. Additionally, the protector made by the German firm SAS-TEC provides excellent back support. The soft backrest made from Air Mesh, in combination with the central ventilation strip, rounds off the seat comfort. With the VENTUS, long flights are relaxed and comfortable.

The VENTUS is aimed at all pilots who are seeking an uncomplicated, safe and innovative harness for everyday flying. The clever details ensure intuitive handling. The seat plate and harness geometry guarantee a pleasant and precise feeling in the air. Sizes S and L were specifically designed for small and large pilots. The VENTUS is suitable for instruction as well as for experienced, discerning pilots.


L, M, S

Technical Data

Harness NameVentusVentusVentus
Weight (kg)4.254.55
Min Height (cm)150165180
Max Height (cm)170180200
Harness TypeStandardStandardStandard
Seat TypeSeatboardSeatboardSeatboard
Seating Width---
Seatboard Depth---
Suspension Height---
Chest Strap Width---
Rucksack Volume (l)---

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