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Minimum weight. Maximum aerodynamics. Full comfort.

The RANGE X-ALPS2 is the first choice for Hike&Fly athletes and XC pilots who want to go to the limit in competitions or who insist on extremely light gear. Its detailed design is tailor-made for pilots looking for the ultimate, safe and amazingly comfortable harness for XC- and bivouac flights, when every gram counts. The RANGE X-ALPS2 meets the highest demands of top international athletes –  such as Paul GuschlbauerSimon Oberrauner and Ferdinand van Schelven in aerodynamics, weight and pack volume.

Its ingenious design and many features ensure comfort and safety in flight so that you can concentrate on your next big goal. The Power Frame of the RANGE X-ALPS2 distributes the weight of the pilot and the applied forces evenly over the entire seat shell and offers optimal support without pressure points. The pilot sits stably, neutrally and comfortably and steers his paraglider intuitively, keeping an even keel even in turbulence. In the event of a collapse, he can sit up quickly and assume a compact body posture. The second pioneering innovation is the PermAir protector. It combines the advantages of foam protectors with those of ram air protectors and offers high damping already during launch with a minimum packing volume. The airbag is inflated with the included Inflation Bag and protects your buttocks, back and lumbar vertebrae right from the start. After landing, just let the air out, collapse the harness in a few seconds down to the size of a towel, and stow it in the backpack.

Our development team didn’t compromise comfort when developing the RANGE X-ALPS2. A simple two-way get-up system provides easy access, while easy-to-find adjustment straps allow you to adjust the backrest perfectly to your individual sitting position, even during flight.


L, M, S

Harness TypePodPodPod
Minimum Height (cm)160173183
Maximum Height (cm)176184200
Weight (kg)~1700~1800~1900
Seat Type
Seating Width
Seatboard Depth
Suspension Height454647

Skywalk Range-X-alps

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