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Our Access models (Airbag or Bump) have been accompanying teaching structures and students in their learning of paragliding for many years now, all over the world. Based on numerous feedbacks from the field, we have worked on this new version of the Access with the aim of improving passive safety, robustness and efficiency in flight as well as on school slopes. Our objective is to facilitate the mission of the instructors and to free the mind of the students, so that they can concentrate exclusively on their learning, with the minimum of constraints linked to harness!

The parachute pocket is now equipped with a handle with double ribs to limit the risk of unintentional opening on the school slope. The Access 2 Bump is equipped with a new, more efficient foam protection under the seat. A mini Bump is also fitted between the backrest and the parachute to complement the main protection.

The speed bar passage has been reworked for greater fluidity and ease of assembly. Note that a pocket now allows the speed bar to be stored so as not to disturb the pilots during their training sessions. The radio pocket has been redesigned, the chest protectors have been reinforced and the side walls are now more enveloping.

The Access 2 Bump also has a new, more modern design. The choice of materials leaves no room for compromise as the harness remains in Cordura fabric, for maximum robustness while reducing the weight compared to the Access 1. Whether Airbag or Bumpair, the ACCESS 2 is built around a common base (geometry, seat, accessories, parachute container, storage back pocket and mini-Bump) Finally, the size of the harness has been revised and completed by an XL size to cover very tall people. Airbag or Bump, all you have to do is choose which version of the Access 2 will best accompany you in your progression or that of your students!


L, M, S, XL

Harness TypeStandardStandardStandardStandard
Minimum Height (cm)155170180190
Maximum Height (cm)170185195205
Weight (kg)
Seat TypeSeatboardSeatboardSeatboardSeatboard
Seating Width34363841
Seatboard Depth46485353
Suspension Height

SupAir Access 2 Bump


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