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The must of reversible harness is back in its second generation: the ALTIRANDO LITE 2.

Light and comfortable, it is aimed at hike & fly lovers who want to equip themselves with a practical and easy to use harness. Its high level of accessorization makes it an equipment of choice, as much in flight as in hiking, thanks to its numerous storages as well as its ergonomic design which adapts to the morphology of its pilot.

Safety remains at the center of the design of the ALTIRANDO LITE 2 with a pre-inflated airbag that combines lightness and high protection level.

Weight: 2.83 kg in size M (with bag, carabiners, pod+handle and seat plate)


After the success of the ALTIRANDO LITE, the designers of the Supair team were faced with the challenge of creating a reversible harness worthy of succeeding the first generation. The design of the ALTIRANDO LITE 2 was inspired by the successes, but also by the possible improvements of the previous products. The program includes a harness reversible at plate that is lighter, better accessorized and easy to useUse.

This harness is for pilots who are progressing and want to practice hike & fly or travel with their paraglider.

Its light composition and reversible structure make it an ideal choice for a hike & fly practice. Indeed, the ALTIRANDO LITE 2 aims to offer you the best possible equipment, whether you are walking or hiking, by proposing both a comfortable harness with a high level of passive safety, as well as a real comfortable-to-wear backpack , ideal for hiking, which adapts perfectly to your morphology.

The ALTIRANDO LITE 2 is equipped with a pre-formed subcutaneous airbag that ensures a High level of passive safety from takeoff. The reserve pocket is also positioned under the seat. Its design has been worked out for a simple installation of the parachute in the pocket and to eliminate any risk of involuntary opening of the pocket.

Thanks to its hybrid seat , this harness combines the comfort of a plate harness and the safety of a legstrap harness. The closure of the belly strap is done with two Cobra automatic buckles for an easier and safer installation in the harness.

The backpack is designed for a comfortable and highly accessorized carry so that you can forget about the weight of your gear during the hiking phases. The shoulder straps are designed to offer plenty of storage space, whether it’s for your accessories or for hydration during the climb. The roll-top closure of the backpack allows you to always adapt the volume of the bag to your equipment for a compact and efficientStorage . Note that the backpack is removable and can be disconnected from the harness if needed.

Lighter than the ALTIRANDO LITE 1 and yet better accessorized, the 2nd generation of the range is a versatile harness that will adapt to your needs, whether on the ground or in the air.


L, M, S, XL

Harness TypeSpecialistSpecialistSpecialistSpecialist
Minimum Height (cm)155170180190
Maximum Height (cm)175185195205
Weight (kg)2.582.832.953.07
Seat TypeSeatboardSeatboardSeatboardSeatboard
Seating Width37394143
Seatboard Depth44464850
Suspension Height

SupAir Altirando Lite 2


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