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The Walibi 3 is a tandem harness for pilot with legstraps. The foam bag protection is designed to follow the pilot’s stroke while providing full protection. The materials used and its design make it a high quality harness and a working tool for intensive use in tandem flight. The Walibi 3 and the Minimax 3 have been developed in parallel to form the Supair high quality tandem package.

The foam bag protection is designed for a professional use. It provides total freedom of movement. It is made up of 3 parts and protects the pilot from the back of the thighs to the top of his back. This protection is removable. The parachute pocket has been completely redesigned with specially designed flaps for a smooth appearance when closed. The rescue parachute handle is attached to the harness so that it does not get caught on take-off and the reserve riser sheath goes directly to the spreaders.

Ergonomics are at the heart of design for this product for professional use. Two-point closure system for greater speed, the use of zipper with large meshes for strength, sheathed rescue riser passages up to the spreaders and a latest generation parachute pocket. On this new Walibi 3, weight optimisation has been done with robustness in mind. The weight has been reduced thanks to the choice of materials and components made by our R&D team.

A new multi-layered design of the harness backrest provides excellent lumbar support. The numerous adjustments allow the professional pilot to ensure optimal ergonomics adapted to his size. A removable camera pocket specially developed for this Walibi 3 will greatly facilitate the use of the camera pole.



Harness TypeStandardStandard
Minimum Height (cm)160180
Maximum Height (cm)180200
Weight (kg)3.413.74
Protectionremovable foamremovable foam
Seat Type
Seating Width
Seatboard Depth
Suspension Height

SupAir Walibi 3


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