The third generation of the classic CONNECT REVERSE is available in four sizes, instead of the three sizes there have been previously. This makes it even more comfortable for pilots, since the geometry for the different sizes could be further refined. The well-proven design of this popular convertible harness was retained in principle, but a number of aspects were improved e.g. simplified conversion, speed bar retractor and trekking pole loops.

The optional new LIGHTSHIELD provides additional protection for the upper back area and, together with the airflow-independent airbag, forms a protective shield around the pilot’s back for better protection.

The “Alpine Back” carrying system made by backpack specialist Deuter is of course used in the CONNECT REVERSE 3 as well, which guarantees unequalled carrying comfort. The CONNECT REVERSE 3 harmonises perfectly with the new generation of RAST gliders with its ideal balance between comfort and agility, making it the number one choice for anyone looking for a durable and comfortable harness for extended hike & fly tours, travelling or simply for everyday flying.


L, M, S, XL

Harness NameConnect Reverse 3Connect Reverse 3Connect Reverse 3Connect Reverse 3
Weight (kg)
Min Height (cm)155160170180
Max Height (cm)175190205210
Harness TypeSpecialistSpecialistSpecialistSpecialist
Seat TypeSeatboardSeatboardSeatboardSeatboard
Seating Width----
Seatboard Depth----
Suspension Height----
Chest Strap Width----
Rucksack Volume (l)----

Swing Connect Reverse 3

Product Attributes

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