The RX4 was developed in hard daily practice in close cooperation with over 25 flight instructors. Not less than two years went into the most detailed development implementations. The new all-round comfort harness RX4 stands for Relaxing in its fourth generation and opened a new chapter in perfection. A modular agility system offers three flight modes. This allows the agility to be adjusted to the individual well-being – need from subdued to energetic. The harness with the sporty elegance offers a new level of seating comfort with the highest safety standard far above the certification standards. It now has a continuous suspension, to facilitate the transition of the sitting position after take-off.

The RX4 was designed as a sporty all-round comfort harness. The dynamic outer shape and the elegant design of the sporty character emphasize that. Great focus was placed on maximum protection – so the innovative foam protector already offers outstanding safety in the critical take-off phase. A novel foam mixture provides the considerable attenuation values ​​of 28.5 G and is characterized by very fast regeneration after compression. This was confirmed impressively during the certification process, the three test runs could be absolved with only 10 minute brakes, although 30 minutes are the standard. The RX4 was developed from practice for the practice. Under the direction of Jens Salomon the influences of over 25 flight instructors were incorporated in the development. Among others, also the modular agility system in which three individual adjustment options to dampen the movement of the paraglider. The first stage (green) subdues the reaction behavior and even compensates for gliders prone to unrest. At the middle level (yellow) the damping and movement keep the balance and at the third level (red) movements are transferred as in sport mode undamped. The three levels are color-coded and can be adjusted to the personal pilot‘s needs before the flight.

Safety and comfort have been given special emphasis in the all-round harness. Good support with differentiated adjustment options of seat board and back tilt ensure excellent seating comfort. The high placement of the rescue handle facilitates the quick access and the triggering of the rescue system with little effort near the body’s center of gravity. In addition, the easy-pull rescue container enables fast deployment with a very short arm travel. For emergencies, a line tape cutter is integrated in the outer pocket. The spacious back compartment is equipped with an integrated suspension loop and opening for the drinking tube system. The neoprene padded leg loops provide comfort and are closed on the outside to prevent uncomfortable pressure points in the crotch area. Extra seating comfort is provided by a honeycomb seat board, which, despite its robust properties and high breaking strength, is stretchable, providing additional cushioning.

The RX4 is aimed at all pilots who are looking for a sporty all around harness with very high comfort and safety. It is suitable for flight beginners, pleasure pilots as well as ambitious route pilots who prefer a sitting harness.


L, M, S

Harness NameRX4RX4RX4
Weight (kg)
Min Height (cm)155160170
Max Height (cm)175190205
Harness TypeStandardStandardStandard
Seat Type---
Seating Width343639
Seatboard Depth424648
Suspension Height394446
Chest Strap Width34/4733/4737/53
Rucksack Volume (l)---

U-Turn RX4

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