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The GTO LIGHT 2 is the best you can find for Hike and Fly and Cross Country, now even safer and more versatile thanks to the adjustable ABS, the detachable windshield, More resistant elastic materials and the possibility to choose between the foam protection and the new inflatable protection.
●  Revolutionized design.
●  New sturdier materials.
●  New closing system of the harness.
●  Three-step speed bar included.
●  New low-volume inflatable protection.
●  New and safer rescue handle.
●  New ABS system with harness stability control.
●  Optional windshield.
●  Lightshield back protection.

L, M, S, XL

Harness TypePodPodPodPod
Minimum Height (cm)150165175185
Maximum Height (cm)168178188200
Weight (kg)3.1823.3453.5913.657
Seat Type
Seating Width
Seatboard Depth
Suspension Height

Woody Valley GTO light 2

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