The Companion SQR was the first reserve to feature innovative Square Round technology. It founded a new generation of reserve parachutes. Its futuristic technology combines the advantages of the classic round canopy with those of the cross version, in a novel and original way. The SQR was developed from scratch, specifically with the needs of both pilots and parachute packers in mind. Its very wide range of applications makes it the universal reserve par excellence: it suits beginners and leisure pilots as well as those who enjoy paramotoring. It is also equally suitable for hang-glider pilots when used with a rotating link.


100, 120, 140, 160, 220

Reserve NameSQR ClassicSQR ClassicSQR ClassicSQR ClassicSQR Classic
Reserve Typehybridhybridhybridhybridhybrid
Reserve Weight (kg)1.261.531.711.932.36
Min Load (kg)-----
Max Load (kg)100120140160220
Sink Rate (m/s)5.405.405.405.305.30
Flat Area (m2)25.4032.4037.8042.0061.90
Packed Volume (l)-----
Length (m)-----

Companion SQR Classic

Product Attributes

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