Globe Light

Our Globe Light parachute is designed for solo flying and tandem paraglider pilots. In case of serious paraglider malfunction rendering further flight impossible, our system reduces the sink rate and allows for safe landing.

It’s weight ranges have been adjusted so that maximum sink speed never exceeds 5,5 m/s – something of special importance to PPG flyers. Of course the free-flyers will appreciate comfortable sink speed as well.
As standard, the system comes packed in its inner bag, ready to be inserted into harness-integrated container. Your harness should be equipped with its own release handle and V- or H-shaped risers, leading from the shoulder straps to the container. If any of these are missing, contact your harness dealer and/or manufacturer, since length and shape of those parts can vary with harness model and must exactly fit the one you are using.
As an option, you can get at Dudek Paragliders the externally mounted container, its release handle and V-risers. It can be attached to the front or side of the harness, depending on your preferences and harness characteristics.

Rescue parachute is activated manually by releasing the handle, pulling the bag out of the container and throwing it out along the direction of the airflow (together with the handle).


110, 135, 90, Bi

Reserve NameGlobe LightGlobe LightGlobe LightGlobe Light
Reserve Typeroundroundroundround
Reserve Weight (kg)1.401.551.852.80
Min Load (kg)557095120
Max Load (kg)90110135210
Sink Rate (m/s)5.505.505.505.50
Flat Area (m2)22.5026.3032.5055.90
Packed Volume (l)----
Length (m)----

Dudek Globe Light

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