Our latest preserve parachute, the DRAGON, benefits from the latest innovations in terms of square rescue parachute design and technology.

It offers more safety and performance than conventional Apex round parachutes.

A low sink rate, high pendulum stability and a very fast opening sequence, are the strong assets making the DRAGON one of the most powerful emergency parachutes on today’s market.

Available in four sizes, it will cover the entire (50 to 235 kg) weight range.

Its advantages compared to a conventional model:

– Very fast opening speed ( near 3 seconds less than the maximum certification 5 seconds requirements).

– Low sink rate

– Very high pendulum stability, thanks to its self-stabilization system.


100, 120, 160, 235

Technical Data

Reserve NameDragonDragonDragonDragon
Reserve Typesquaresquaresquaresquare
Reserve Weight (kg)1.501.952.402.95
Min Load (kg)----
Max Load (kg)100120155235
Sink Rate (m/s)4.904.705.505.50
Flat Area (m2)25.0037.0041.0057.00
Packed Volume (l)4.505.106.058.20
Length (m)19.0020.5022.0023.00

ITV Dragon

Product Attributes

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