The all-new Kortel Design reserve Parachute, Krisis Karré, brings 3 main innovations compared to its competitors:

The unique design of the Karré generates horizontal speed after opening. This creates lift, and thus to significantly reduces sink rate.

This horizontal speed also brings about a glide ratio around 1.5, allowing the pilot to steer the reserve with the pair of handles, thus avoiding potential obstacles during descent.

The asymmetric shape forces a folding pattern which improves opening speed while keeping folding complexity to a minimum.


100, 125, 160, 220

Reserve NameKrisis KarréKrisis KarréKrisis KarréKrisis Karré
Reserve Typesquaresquaresquaresquare
Reserve Weight (kg)1.171.391.782.52
Min Load (kg)----
Max Load (kg)100125160220
Sink Rate (m/s)4.604.504.804.60
Flat Area (m2)25.2030.7041.0059.20
Packed Volume (l)----
Length (m)----

Kortel Krisis Karré

Product Attributes

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