Krisis Rogallo II completes our range of technical and lightweight reserve parachutes.

Until now, Rogallo reserves were heavy, bulky, and their horizontal speed immediately after opening were limiting factors for cross country usage (risks of severe mirror effect and  glide towards an obstacle if the pilot did not immediately manage his rescue).

Launch and handling

Pulling the Krisis Rogallo II  is just the same as a classic reserve (pull and throw). It gradually starts gliding horizontally and then can be steered using the two brake controls, even when the paraglider is still attached. The reduced horizontal speed relieves the pressure in the paraglider sufficiently to neutralize it with the B-lines with one hand. The other hand can thus guide the rescue. Pilots equipped with a  paraglider quick release system can take full advantage of the qualities of Krisis Rogallo II : The glide ratio doubles with a slightly higher sink rate.



Reserve NameKrisis Rogallo 2
Reserve Typerogallo
Reserve Weight (kg)1.84
Min Load (kg)-
Max Load (kg)130
Sink Rate (m/s)3.80
Flat Area (m2)41.75
Packed Volume (l)-
Length (m)-

Kortel Krisis Rogallo 2

Product Attributes

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