The Aegis SQ is modern square rescue parachute. Its new design delivers a relatively large surface area, yet is very light in weight, offering comfortable descents, high pendulum stability and fast opening times.

Low weight

The Aegis SQ uses the highest quality parachute materials. The Aegis SQ is lighter than the equivalent sized Aegis, while retaining the small pack volume. These materials have been chosen for their optimum balance of durability, performance, small packing volumes.

Fast inflation

The Aegis SQ opens fast. Much faster when compared to round shaped parachutes.

Good Sinkrate and Great Stability

The two main factors in reserve parachute performance are sink rate and stability. The principal advantage of the Aegis SQ over a traditionaly shaped round parachutes is in its increased stability. The Aegis SQ really excells by its high pendulum stability.
The large surface area delivers excellent sink rate -both sizes of the

Aegis SQ provide plenty of margin within the weight ranges they are certified to carry.

Certified EN and LTF to the EN 12491 and LTF 91/09 standards, the Aegis SQ is available in 2 sizes with maximum loads from 105kgs to 140kgs.
There are 2 bridle options: The short bridle version for harnesses with integrated bridles, and the Y bridle version for harnesses with no built in bridles.

Tips Info

Always choose a correct size of the rescue system. Nowadays it is fashionable to use the smallest and lightest rescue parachutes. Very often, the pilot is on the top of the certified weight range and sometimes above it. Remember that its theoretical rate of descent is calculated for sea level. The rate of descent will be much higher at 2,500 m. If the landing area is not ideal, the consequences of hard landing could be severe.

For it to open reliably, perfect and regular packing is essential. To assure this it is important to air and repack the reserve every 4 months. If the reserve is damp you must air and repack it as the material may “stick“.

After test and emergency openings, mechanical damage or after 2 years a thorough check must be made. Even used correctly the material can be prone to damage.

Packing yourself: please only pack the reserve yourself, if you really know how to do this! We very often get “self packed“ reserves that would never have opened up in an emergency case.

If you pack the reserve yourself, please use the producers rubber rings and renew them with each packing.

Fitting of the harness has to be done according to the harness’ operating instructions. Even better – leave it to the professionals.


105, 140

ManufacturerMac ParaMac Para
Reserve NameAegis SQAegis SQ
Reserve Typesquaresquare
Reserve Weight (kg)1.451.95
Min Load (kg)6585
Max Load (kg)105140
Sink Rate (m/s)5.495.39
Flat Area (m2)34.5044.00
Packed Volume (l)4.985.60
Length (m)--

Mac Para Aegis SQ

Product Attributes

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