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Developed for a maximum of security

Barely pulled and already opened

The SOS Micro targets pilots in search of a lightweight and compact reserve.

We focused down to the slightest detail to achieve this high-quality reserve parachute.

The reduced weight and volume are the result of a series of details from choice of materials, design innovations, and construction techniques.

A superior lightweight fabric

The choice of the PN9 fabric from Porcher Sport is one of the most distinguishing features. There is no other fabric that offers the reduced weight, resistance to breaking and tearing, and the low porosity as the PN9.

By using such a low porosity fabric, we not only succeeded in reducing the weight and volume, but we reduced the opening time as well.

An indispensable piece of equipment

With the SOS Micro, there isn’t any excuse to fly without a reserve anymore. Weighing less than 1.2kg in size M, the SOS Micro is an essential component of any Alpine kit.


Bi, L, M, S

Reserve Typehybridhybridhybridhybrid
Minimum Load (kg)0000
Maximum Load (kg)8095115210
Reserve Weight (kg)0.941.111.302.65
Sink Rate5.505.505.505.50
Flat Area (m^2)20.5024.4028.9055.90
Length (m)
Packed Volume (liters)

Mcc Aviation SOS Micro


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