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SKY SPARE reserve parachutes are manufactured from the best materials available on the market.

Thanks to 9082 material with zero porosity (by French manufacturer Porcher Marine) was achieved an exceptionally low sink rate while using a smaller area.

Smaller area of course meant weight loss of reserve parachute. With this comes not only the convenience for a pilot who does not have to carry bulky and heavy reserve parachutes, but also smaller area has a major impact on safety. It is known that reserve parachutes with less open space perform much faster!

SKY SPARE is a parachute of classic circular structure with the central cord. During development, we looked for simplest technical solutions. Simplicity in this case ensures error-free use and long life.

SKY SPARE reserve parachute is certified according to EN 12491 test, which is considered as the most demanding test.


Bi, L, M, XL

Technical Data

Reserve Typeroundroundroundround
Minimum Load (kg)657998150
Maximum Load (kg)86105130200
Reserve Weight (kg)1.401.551.853.10
Sink Rate5.505.505.505.50
Flat Area (m^2)22.5026.3032.5051.60
Length (m)
Packed Volume (liters)

Sky Sky Spare


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