Rescue Parachute Squad Light: A cutting-edge concept rescue parachute. Totally new, with the second generation “square” – format, it permits new performance patterns for this type of equipment in comparison with the traditional ones.

The square rescue concept is the greatest revolution in the history of rescue parachutes since it invention, cause it permits a great projected area and its stability is granted by lateral valves and geometric balance.

The Squad Light can be used for paragliding or paramotor flights. It´s possible to install the parachute in the harness container or in a compatible outer container.
The performance gain of this project permitted the development of a rescue parachute far more light and compact with long lasting materials.

Characteristics in comparison with traditional parachutes:
  • 20-30% less opening time;
  • About 20% lighter and more compact;
  • Second generation of square rescues, easier to handle and pack;
  • Better stability in all circumstances;
  • Very low sink rate (10-15% less than the required for each weight limit).

32, 35, 38, 42

Technical Data

Reserve NameSquad LightSquad LightSquad LightSquad Light
Reserve Typesquaresquaresquaresquare
Reserve Weight (kg)1.431.631.781.96
Min Load (kg)557085100
Max Load (kg)95110125140
Sink Rate (m/s)
Flat Area (m2)32.0035.0038.0042.00
Packed Volume (l)3.304.105.005.80
Length (m)----

Sol Squad Light

Product Attributes

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