The X-TWO is a NEW ultimate light weight paragliding and hang gliding rescue system

We didn´t just match a few existing systems together, no we developed a complete new rescue system. Not only the shape is new, we could optimize it even further. Immediately after deploying and opening of the canopy, the X-TWO sinks vertically and does NOTgenerate any FORWARD MOTION. The canopy is FULLY SYMMETRIC straight after the opening.

The packing method is super simple and can be done even by no experienced packers. Because of the SYMMETRICAL CONSTRUCTION of the X-TWO this rescue DOESN´T start to fly forward after the deployment. Thus, the X-TWO system is also suitable for absolute beginner pilots from the first day on. The X-TWO sinks extremely pendulum-stable due to its novel 3-CORNER CONSTRUCTION, the triangular shape has a self-stabilizing effect.

The X-TWO offers

  • very simplified method to pack with numbered pack loops
  • extremely small pack size
  • ultimate low volume and weight
  • lines are separated from stowed canopy (minimizes the possibility of line loops, optimizing the process of opening)
  • high-quality material mix of Dyneema lines and porosity stable, water resistent 26g fabric
  • very fast opening time
  • self-stabilizing (pendulum stability) due to the new canopy shape and precisely calculated system height
  • NO forward motion after canopy opening | deploying

110, 130, 220, 90

ManufacturerX-Dream FlyX-Dream FlyX-Dream FlyX-Dream Fly
Reserve NameX-TwoX-TwoX-TwoX-Two
Reserve Typehybridhybridhybridhybrid
Reserve Weight (kg)0.951.101.252.25
Min Load (kg)455070110
Max Load (kg)90110130220
Sink Rate (m/s)5.395.495.475.35
Flat Area (m2)26.0030.5035.7063.90
Packed Volume (l)
Length (m)----

X-Dream Fly X-Two

Product Attributes

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