The Loki 2 is our entry-level, recreational speed wing. Designed to make all avenues of speed flying accessible to any speed wing pilot, ranging in ability from the training hill to the most technical mountain terrain.

Speed riding, speed flying, and speed soaring are all in the Loki 2’s performance envelope.  It is constructed of hybrid materials to optimize weight and performance, including soft brake toggles for a comfortable grip,  rear-riser steering for those steep descents and dual hook-in point risers to accommodate pilots of various height.

The wing has an excellent balance of:
– ease of inflation
-simple kiting
-precise control in flight
-strong flare

We think the Loki2 is a super fun and confidence-inspiring experience!


11, 13, 15, 17, 9

ManufacturerFluid WingsFluid WingsFluid WingsFluid WingsFluid Wings
Glider NameLoki 2Loki 2Loki 2Loki 2Loki 2
Min Wt (kg)----55
Max Wt (kg)150150150150110
Single Surface-----
Number of Cells2323232323
Glider Wt (kg)-----
Projected Area (m2)8.109.9011.6013.4014.90
Flat Area (m2)9.0011.0013.0015.0017.00
Projected Span (m)-----
Flat Span (m)5.406.006.507.007.50
Projected Aspect Ratio-----
Flat Aspect Ratio3.203.203.303.303.30
Root Chord (m)----2.80

Fluid Wings Loki 2

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